Meet the Preschool Team


Waverly’s preschool teach­ers have substan­tial knowl­edge of child devel­op­ment, years of expe­ri­ence working with young chil­dren, and a strong commit­ment to the philos­o­phy of the preschool program.

PS Bio Jeanny Tafoya 20 21

Jeanny Tafoya

Jeanny Tafoya is the preschool director/​teacher. Jeanny has a B.A. in Early Child­hood Educa­tion from Pacific Oaks College and a Master’s in Educa­tional Psychol­ogy from Cali­for­nia State Univer­sity, North­ridge, where she focused her research on brain archi­tec­ture, empathy, and anti-bias educa­tion. She has ten years of teach­ing expe­ri­ence and worked closely with Oonagh Delaney and Connie Rodarte at The Little Preschool prior to coming to Waverly. Jeanny delights in spend­ing her days with young chil­dren and brings a collab­o­ra­tive spirit and growth mindset to her work with colleagues and fami­lies. (Email)

Marina Dahlen 19 20

Marina Dahlen

Marina is a preschool teacher. She has an A.A. degree from the College of the Redwoods with an empha­sis in early child­hood educa­tion. Marina is one of the found­ing teach­ers of The Waverly School and has worked with young chil­dren for more than 30 years. Marina says, I am inspired by how the students are willing to teach as much as they are willing to learn.” Marina’s son Emmett 08 grad­u­ated from Waverly. (Email)

Bio PS Connie Rodarte 19 20

Connie Rodarte

Connie is a preschool teacher. Connie has a B.A. in Spanish and human devel­op­ment from the Univer­sity of Cali­for­nia, Davis. She previ­ously worked at The Little Preschool as a preschool teacher and summer program direc­tor. Connie says, Every day is a new learn­ing oppor­tu­nity when working with chil­dren. Their daily discov­er­ies serve as a reminder of the impor­tance of creat­ing an envi­ron­ment that supports their devel­op­men­tal needs.” (Email)