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Cindy Andrade

Cindy is the accounts manager and has been at Waverly since it opened. Before becom­ing the accounts manager, Cindy was an infant-toddler teacher, preschool teacher assis­tant, book­keeper, and recep­tion­ist at this school. With Waverly as her home away from home, Cindy says, The daily laugh­ter of the chil­dren is one of the most special things about working here.” Cindy’s two sons attended Waverly – Phillip and Jeremy 12. (Email)

Alexis Bolanos 19 20

Alexis Bolaños

Alexis is the recep­tion­ist and admin­is­tra­tive assis­tant at the elemen­tary school. Alexis has an A.A. in commu­ni­ca­tions from Rio Hondo College. Prior to coming to Waverly, Alexis served as a program leader for Think Together, a non-profit that seeks to create equi­table oppor­tu­ni­ties in educa­tion for all chil­dren. What she enjoys most about working at Waverly is feeling inspired by all the teach­ers making an impact on the students. She adds, And there is never a dull moment!” (Email)

Meg Bradbury 19 20

Meg Brad­bury

Meg is the assis­tant to the head of school, helps run the school’s social media, and also works in devel­op­ment. She has been a member of the Waverly commu­nity since 2003. The school’s progres­sive peda­gogy, commit­ment to collab­o­ra­tion, and endlessly creative students inspire her greatly. Meg says that at Waverly, We are supported and encour­aged to be whoever we are at what­ever moment in time we’re at. That’s dear to me. I’m grate­ful.” (Email)

Vella Cagle 19 20

Vella Cagle

Vella is the enroll­ment manager and works closely with the admis­sions and busi­ness offices. She also manages the school data­base and the tuition assis­tance program. Vella received a B.A. in history from Virginia Tech. What Vella enjoys the most about working at Waverly is the commu­nity. She says, I have found my home…Waverly is a place where I feel safe, valued, and where I am truly happy to be.” Vella has two daugh­ters; her oldest daugh­ter, Hazel, is in 1st grade. (Email)

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Deborah Clark Yeseta

Deborah is Waverly’s regis­trar. She has a B.A. in English liter­a­ture from the Univer­sity of Cali­for­nia, Irvine, and has been part of the Waverly commu­nity since 1995. Deborah enjoys the collab­o­ra­tive way all the faculty, staff, and students work together. She loves to read the thought-provok­ing books assigned to the high school students in English and hear what the students think about them. She adds, Their insights often give me a differ­ent perspec­tive on what we read.” (Email)

Yanndery Flow 19 20

Yanndery Flow

Yanndery is the recep­tion­ist and admin­is­tra­tive assis­tant for the middle and high schools. Yanndery has a B.A. in Spanish from Humboldt State Univer­sity and eight years of expe­ri­ence working in inde­pen­dent and public educa­tion. Yanndery started her career in the front office at Mayfield Junior School before moving on to roles at the Alham­bra Unified School District, Flintridge Sacred Heart, and most recently Rolling Hills Prepara­tory School. (Email)

Margaret Lopez 19 20

Margaret Lopez

Margaret is the admin­is­tra­tive assis­tant for the busi­ness and devel­op­ment offices and teaches a middle school elec­tive. She has a B.A. in English and master’s degrees in creative writing and library and infor­ma­tion science. Having worked in various roles at the school, Margaret says the most grat­i­fy­ing part of working at Waverly is being part of a team. She explains, I know that my colleagues and I have each other’s back. As a team, we help make the school run smoothly.” (Email)