Board of Trustees


As a non-profit public benefit corpo­ra­tion, incor­po­rated under the laws of the State of Cali­for­nia, Waverly is governed by a Board of Trustees.

The Board serves as stew­ards of Waverly’s mission of provid­ing progres­sive, devel­op­men­tal educa­tional services. The Board assures finan­cial account­abil­ity and provides the finan­cial manage­ment and plan­ning vital to Waverly’s stability.

  • Jessica Clements
  • Max Darnell
  • Michael Dean
  • Ellen Green­stone
  • Heidi Johnson, Head of School (ex officio)
  • Pat Leaw­prasert
  • Debbie Lennon
  • Susan Lofgren
  • Wendy Lopata
  • Jingbo Lou
  • Lillian Manzella, WPO Pres­i­dent (ex officio)
  • Noah Mayer, Chair
  • Keseh Morgan
  • Vijay Natraj
  • Emily Stad­nicki
  • Rick Stern­feld
  • Nadine Tanio
  • Joanne Toll
  • Serita Young