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Early childhood through twelfth grade


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  • Alumnae/i News! - Life at Pitzer College just got a lot more adventurous for Shelby Ottengheime (Waverly ’18).  She’s been taking a wide range of classes to help her decide on declaring a major.  From a biological anthropology course where she’s had a chance to handle 1.8 million year old hand tools, to an unruly women’s literature course […]
  • The Pedagogy of Mama Bear - This week’s post is from an email sent to Waverly’s art teacher, Michelle Dakan, from Anne Schiller, a colleague and friend from Pacific Oaks. As I am away from school recovering from knee surgery, I have had a contemplative few weeks. I’ve been thinking a lot about parents who are in the thick of it […]
  • I Believe in Nature - Nature has always been an integral part of my life. As a wee child, my mother brought me to Drumlin Farm, where I watched the foxes and the wild birds with the rapt attention only a three-year-old can manage. I grew up hiking through the woods owned by the water company. My dog loved to […]