Capital Campaign

Making This Land Our Land: The capital campaign to purchase the elemen­tary school build­ing and organic farm

Waverly’s long­time dream and strate­gic plan objec­tive have been owner­ship of its leased prop­er­ties: the elemen­tary and middle school, and the one-acre organic farm, which is leased from Caltrans. With owner­ship, the school’s sustain­abil­ity is estab­lished and plan­ning for phys­i­cal and program­matic growth are made possible.

Elemen­tary school building

Waverly had leased this prop­erty since its earli­est days, and has for the past several years, held the option to buy it. Over a two-year period, we worked to nego­ti­ate a purchase price with the building’s owner, to secure the needed financ­ing, and to raise the funds needed to cover the down payment and closing costs. We are happy to report that we completed the purchase of the elemen­tary school build­ing on March 29, 2019, with the support of many fami­lies, friends, and foundations.

Organic farm

Purchase of Waverly’s beloved one-acre organic farm (leased from Caltrans) is on the horizon, and fund-raising efforts are under­way. Located within walking distance from the school, the farm is a multi-purpose green space for students, teach­ers, and fami­lies. It is a unique and well-loved outdoor class­room that allows for projects across disci­plines, and all students partic­i­pate in age-appro­pri­ate farm work.

With the termi­na­tion of the 710 tunnel and freeway expan­sion options, Caltrans will sell the prop­er­ties it acquired decades ago for those purposes. State Sen. Anthony Portan­tino has intro­duced legis­la­tion to facil­i­tate the sale of the Caltrans prop­er­ties that are leased to several non-profits, includ­ing ours. In prepa­ra­tion for this, we are raising funds for the purchase of the farm. Legis­la­tion is expected to be passed in the fall and enacted January, 2020; it is antic­i­pated that the orga­ni­za­tion of sales is likely to take many months.

For more infor­ma­tion on the status of the capital campaign, please contact: Carolyn Hom, devel­op­ment direc­tor, at 626.792.5940, ext. 242, or at carolyn@​thewaverlyschool.​org.