Waverly’s visual and perform­ing arts program aims to foster bold, inven­tive, and confi­dent partic­i­pants in the arts at all three campuses. Elemen­tary students attend visual arts, vocal music, and instru­men­tal classes with special­ists each week, and middle and high school students may take art, music, and drama classes as an elec­tive. Our talented, creative, and nurtur­ing faculty members focus on the needs and devel­op­ment of each student.

Visual Arts

Student artwork is on display through­out the school – ceram­ics, models, wire­work, paint­ings, and draw­ings. At the elemen­tary level, the art special­ists work closely with the faculty to design projects and activ­i­ties that are related to the year’s social studies themes. For example, while learn­ing about ancient Egypt, the 5th/​6th grade students created mummies in sarcophagi. Middle and high school art students explore a wide variety of media and are intro­duced to a number of artists and genres.

MS Art students masks


The music program begins at the preschool level and progresses through high school with an overall focus on contem­po­rary pop and rock styles. Students use guitar, acoustic guitar, elec­tric guitar, small guitar, ukulele, piano/​keyboard, violin and percus­sion instru­ments, and classes are held weekly through­out the school year. Students learn skills devel­op­men­tally, such as scales and chords. As part of high school music ensem­bles, students study compo­si­tions, music theory, and nota­tion, and perform at lunchtime concerts and at the annual Waverly Rock Festival.

ES Armaan music room keyboard students


Perform­ing is a favorite mode of explo­ration and creative expres­sion. Oppor­tu­ni­ties are avail­able through­out the school year for students to perform and show their emerg­ing skills to their fellow class­mates, faculty, and the commu­nity as a whole. 

Perfor­mances at the elemen­tary level often relate to the social studies theme and may feature a tradi­tional dance or song from the culture being studied in the class. Classes regu­larly perform poems, songs, and dances at the weekly All School Meet­ings, and all classes perform at the annual holiday show. 

Middle and high school students may take drama as an elec­tive. Students are intro­duced to all aspects of play produc­tion, includ­ing public­ity, stage manage­ment, direc­tion, and tech­ni­cal theater. They perform several times a year. The focus is on group work, play, and story­telling. Recent high school produc­tions include Peter and The Star­catcher, Pride and Prej­u­dice, and a 12th Night/​As You Like It mashup with 70s music and songs.

HS performance quad love