Meet the Faculty


Waverly’s middle school teach­ers are a welcom­ing cohort of expe­ri­enced instruc­tors who work together to create an inter­con­nected program specif­i­cally geared to the chang­ing, some­times chal­leng­ing needs of middle school students. Under their teach­ers’ guid­ance, middle school students partic­i­pate actively in learning.

Adriana Duarte 19 20

Adriana Duarte

Adriana teaches Spanish in the middle school. She received her B.A. in inter­na­tional rela­tions and polit­i­cal science at El Salvador Univer­sity in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a B.A. in Spanish language and culture from Cali­for­nia State Univer­sity, North­ridge. Adriana chose to become an educa­tor because, as she explains, It is the most enjoy­able job that I know. I teach Spanish and I see the evolu­tion of the students and their enthu­si­asm in learn­ing and I feel useful helping them.” (Email)

Leo Glaze 19 20

Leo Glazé

Leo teaches middle school history. He has a B.A. in history from the Univer­sity of Cali­for­nia, Los Angeles, and a B.A. in polit­i­cal science and M.A. in history from Arizona State Univer­sity. He teaches history from the perspec­tive of tradi­tion­ally margin­al­ized groups and uses student inquiry and collab­o­ra­tion to create content within various units and concepts. As a teacher, Leo sees his work as fulfill­ing many roles. He explains, I am more than an educa­tor. I am a supporter and advisor, someone students can talk to and who they can rely on for an honest, straight­for­ward answer. I constantly strive to keep the lines of communica­tion open and implore them to self-advo­­cate.” In addi­tion to teach­ing, Leo presents aspects of his curricu­lum at numer­ous educa­tion and history confer­ences across the country. He is an inde­pen­dent equity, educa­tion, and justice consul­tant who helps teach­ers develop and enhance their courses of studies, as well as an advisor to non-profit orga­ni­za­tions and corpo­ra­tions. (Email)

Lisa Groening 19 20

Lisa Groen­ing

Lisa teaches English in the middle school. Lisa has a B.A. in English liter­a­ture from Lewis & Clark College. She has taught high school and middle school English and creative writing and has also worked in admin­is­tra­tion at Waverly. When it comes to support­ing her students, Lisa says, I get to know my students well, and I pay atten­tion to the things that light them up and the things that bog them down. I try to keep a balance between those points so the student feels capable and nudged.” Lisa’s daugh­ter, Katie, grad­u­ated with the Waverly class of 2010. (Email)

Grace Hess Quimbita 19 20

Grace Hess-Quim­bita

Grace is the middle school math teacher. Grace has a B.A. in chem­istry from Occi­den­tal College, an M.S. in chem­istry from the Univer­sity of Cali­for­nia, San Diego, and a Ph.D. in higher educa­tion and adult devel­op­ment from the Univer­sity of Cali­for­nia, Los Angeles. Grace says, I am very happy that Waverly is a small school, which helps me to genuinely and person­ally provide the right level of chal­lenge balanced with tons of scaf­fold­ing and support uniquely suited for each student.” Grace’s two chil­dren grad­u­ated from Waverly – Nicholas 20 and Sophia 17. (Email)

Jennifer Johnson 19 20

Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer is the learn­ing special­ist for kinder­garten through 12th grade. Jennifer has a Cali­for­nia Teach­ing Creden­tial, a Master’s in teach­ing, and certi­fi­ca­tion as an educa­tional ther­a­pist. Led to a career in educa­tion by a life­long fasci­na­tion with the many differ­ent ways people think and learn, Jennifer is happi­est when around chil­dren and teens and believes that most kids are natu­rally curious and seek chal­lenges to stretch them­selves. To support them, she explains,​“Often, you just need to give them the time and space to follow their curios­ity. For chil­dren who may find them­selves facing tasks which are too chal­leng­ing, what is often needed is support in build­ing the skills to feel capable of meeting a chal­lenge.” (Email)

Toby Mc Donald Chou 19 20

Toby McDon­ald Chou

Toby teaches science and Japan­ese in the middle school. She holds a B.A. in geog­ra­phy and envi­ron­men­tal studies with a minor in Japan­ese studies from the Univer­sity of Cali­for­nia, Los Angeles. Prior to coming to Waverly, Toby taught English and Amer­i­can history and culture in Japan’s public schools on the Japan Exchange Teach­ing Program. Toby supports her students by letting them know, It’s okay to fail, but never okay to give up…Persevering through chal­lenges is one of the most impor­tant skills students can develop.” Follow Toby’s science blog at science​with​toby​.net. (Email)