Welcome from the Interim Head of School

Welcome to The Waverly School! We are a school that culti­vates curious, resource­ful, and confi­dent learn­ers. Founded in 1993, this outstand­ing insti­tu­tion has been built upon progres­sive ideals and educates students in grades preschool through 12th. Waverly provides a highly child-centered envi­ron­ment with joy evident in all corners of our three campuses and one-acre organic farm. Our teach­ers and staff focus on incul­cat­ing intel­lec­tual engage­ment, crit­i­cal and creative think­ing, respect for indi­vid­ual differ­ences, aware­ness of personal respon­si­bil­ity, and an active commit­ment to social justice.

At our core, we believe in students. We believe that chil­dren are eager to learn, act with good­ness, self-advo­cate and speak their minds, and demon­strate their unique iden­ti­ties. By treat­ing our students and each other with dignity, we elevate the commu­nity as a whole. This can’t be done in a cookie-cutter fashion, but it instead is crafted and devel­oped in the daily inter­ac­tions of our many students, teach­ers, staff, and fami­lies. The commu­nity makes us who we are.

I welcome you to come and visit our campuses for your­self and witness the joy which comes about from authen­tic learn­ing expe­ri­ences and strong connec­tions with an outstand­ing faculty. There is no substi­tute for seeing for your­self who we are and how we connect with our students. We are an inde­pen­dent school that truly culti­vates independent thinkers.

—John Huber

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