Monterey Park

January 23, 2023


Writing to share concerns and thoughts about the shoot­ing in Monterey Park last night. I won’t spec­u­late on the specifics of the inci­dent and I want to empha­size our support for those members of our commu­nity impacted by this and other violent events. The fact that this attack occurred during the Lunar New Year weekend impacts the festiv­i­ties and connec­tiv­ity between community members. 

As we consider how to keep Waverly safe, it is essen­tial that we work to support each other and resolve conflicts large and small. Listen to your friends, support them getting help, respect differ­ences between others, under­stand that few people talk about the pain they feel, social isola­tion is a real impact of the pandemic and many people continue to strug­gle. If you or your student need help or feel isolated, there are resources at school and beyond. Contact school coun­selor, Lydia Boateng, your teacher, advisor or another trusted adult on campus. 

Our great­est task and charge is the safety and devel­op­ment of all commu­nity members. As we know more about this event, please don’t hesi­tate to reach out if you need support.

As a former employee of a Quaker school, I think of the term Holding In The Light.” For me it meant, sending posi­tive thoughts, honor­ing specific expe­ri­ences, recog­niz­ing others may need help and nurtur­ing growth and safety for others. I’ll ask that we hold the members of the Monterey Park commu­nity, our commu­nity and neigh­bors, In The Light, as we learn more about these tragic events. 

In Commu­nity,

Clarke Weath­er­spoon
Head of school