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Thank you, Waverly

As Jennifer Dakan, our Direc­tor of Admis­sions, prepares to leave her role at Waverly to return to teach­ing in the fall, she offers this letter of grat­i­tude to a school and commu­nity that has provided her and her family with so much.

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Admin Tracey

Resilient, resource­ful, kind

The faculty and staff were asked to share three words to describe Tracey Fiss, Waverly’s busi­ness and facil­i­ties manager, as a tribute to her fifteen years at Waverly.

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Captured in a Yearbook

Jason Gottlieb, assis­tant head of school at the ES, had been think­ing about the elemen­tary school year­book, but put the idea aside because of so much time spent this year in remote learn­ing. Being that this year was so differ­ent, how would we present the year in images if so much of it was chil­dren in front of a computer? But our wonder­ful commu­nity of chil­dren, teach­ers, and parents rose to the chal­lenge to capture this unique year in the pages of a year­book, and we are excited to hand out elemen­tary school year­books to each child in the last weeks of school.

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2021 matriculation list final2

College Bound

Waver­ly’s direc­tor of college coun­sel­ing shares what the college admis­sion cycle was like this year and reveals which schools our 27 seniors plan to attend.

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We wish to give a big thank you to the Waverly Parent Orga­ni­za­tion for connect­ing us during these many months at home! The commu­nity of students, teach­ers, and parents are what make Waverly the wonder­ful, warm, and unique school it is. Read on to learn about some of the virtual events the WPO has made happen this year, and be sure to check the Waverly Weekly News and PSL for more to come!

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ES Heidi community room

Thank you, Heidi – Part two of a series

On Novem­ber 18, 2020, Heidi announced that after 25 years at Waverly, she will be retir­ing as Head of School on June 30, 2021. Waverly faculty and staff reflect on working with and knowing Heidi over the years.

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This I Believe – I Believe in Myself

It’s weird to have the most story-worthy thing that has happened to you in your life be told to you by other people,” writes Waverly senior Lola M. 21 in her This I Believe essay. Through the telling of her remark­able begin­ning, Lola shares how essen­tial it is to believe in yourself.

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Board Wendy Lopata

Why Waverly?

A Waverly parent of two shares why Waverly is the right school for his family. After orig­i­nally plan­ning to enroll in our school for a short period, they decided to stay for the long haul, due mainly to our engag­ing and thought­ful teach­ers who have also served as role models to his kids.

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