Inspired experience based college preparatory education for creative and intellectually curious students
Early childhood through twelfth grade

Board of Trustees 2018 – 2019

As a non-profit public benefit corporation, incorporated under the laws of the State of California, Waverly is governed by a Board of Trustees.

The Board serves as stewards of Waverly’s mission of providing progressive, developmental educational services. The Board assures financial accountability and provides the financial management and planning vital to Waverly’s stability.

Rick Sternfeld, Chair
Max Darnell
Michael Dean
Ellen Greenstone
Heidi Johnson, Head of School (ex officio)
Gideon Kracov
Pat Leawprasert
Debbie Lennon
Susan Lofgren
Wendy Lopata
Lillian Manzella, WPO President
Noah Mayer
Ashley Postlewaite
Bianca Pulitzer
Emily Stadnicki
Nadine Tanio
Joanne Toll
Mark Woodsmall
Serita Young