COVID-19 Updates

This page serves as a resource for updates regard­ing Waverly’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will continue to commu­ni­cate impor­tant updates to our fami­lies via email, and we will regu­larly post addi­tional resources on this page.

2020 – 2021 School Year

Updated: July 31, 2020

In a July meeting with area Heads of School, Dr. Ying-Ying Goh, Pasadena Direc­tor of Public Health, gave a candid assess­ment of the state of COVID-19 in Pasadena. The current rate of infec­tion in Pasadena is high, and not trend­ing in a way that would support in-person learn­ing for the entire school that is safe for students, teach­ers, and fami­lies, in the near future. The Cali­for­nia Depart­ment of Public Health, working closely with Pasadena local agen­cies, will be publish­ing a waiver for K‑6 schools, outlin­ing further crite­ria to open in person. We will review this docu­ment care­fully as we eval­u­ate our options.

PUSD (Pasadena Unified School District) and some of our peer inde­pen­dent schools have commit­ted to remote learn­ing through the end of October. Simi­larly, we have decided to begin the school year in remote learn­ing, Kinder­garten through 12th grade. Unless there is a signif­i­cant decrease in the infec­tion rate and proposed govern­men­tal support for reentry that increases the safety of all students, teach­ers, and fami­lies, we antic­i­pate staying in remote learn­ing through the end of the calen­dar year, Decem­ber 18.

Our goal contin­ues to resume in person as soon as it is reason­able and safe. We will monitor updates from local agen­cies and reassess regu­larly. When we do propose a safe in-person plan, there will continue to be an option for fami­lies to remain fully remote.

The preschool program will begin in person start­ing in Septem­ber. Consid­er­ing the unique needs of preschool students, the ability to run a safe program that is mostly outdoors, and the regu­la­tions provided by CDSS, Cal OSHA, and the Cali­for­nia Depart­ment of Public Health, we feel confi­dent in offer­ing an in-person learn­ing plan for our preschool children. 

Our faculty and staff await the students with eager­ness and antic­i­pa­tion. More than ever, we look forward to the many ways we can reconnect.

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