COVID-19 Updates

This page serves as a resource for updates regard­ing Waverly’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will continue to commu­ni­cate impor­tant updates to our fami­lies via email, and we will regu­larly post addi­tional resources on this page.

2022 – 2023 School Year

Updated: March 14, 2023

We now have at-home test kits that we are able to send home with students when there is a known expo­sure and/​or when they will be coming back from a long break. Please note that the school will still have weekly COVID testing and these at-home kits are strictly for known expo­sures and/​or when students are coming back from break.

  • When there is a known expo­sure you will receive the same email noti­fi­ca­tion from the school that you have received previ­ously. We will provide an at-home test kit to your student to bring home. The noti­fi­ca­tion will now include a range of dates to test your student with the at-home test kit they receive from school. 
  • The CDC recom­mends testing 3 – 5 days after expo­sure, so you will have a 3 day window to test your student. You will only need to test your student once during that range of dates, unless they start exhibit­ing symp­toms after they have already been tested. 
  • Every student must now be regis­tered with Heluna Health in order to use these at home test kits. If you have already regis­tered your student for weekly testing, then you do not need to register again.

Please read this detailed letter (PDF) from the school nurse that fully explains this update.

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