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Welcome, current Waverly families!

WPO Liz Craig and family

Hello from the WPO President

I’m Eliz­a­beth Liz” Craig, your WPO pres­i­dent. I consider myself an orga­nizer, and I welcome your collab­o­ra­tion. My family is in our 4th year at The Waverly School, and I’ve found my commu­nity here. I’m here because I LOVE this school, I LOVE the staff, and I am nosy about what my kids are up to. My youngest is Eleanor Nellie” in preschool, and my oldest, Nate, is in Rebecca and Jason’s 3rd/4th-grade class. Joe McNulty, my partner, is all in at Waverly, too! 

Let’s be honest. Parent­ing is hard, and, sadly, it can also be isolat­ing. I LOVE that Waverly encour­ages, wants, and needs parent support. Studies show that our kids’ growth and devel­op­ment absolutely benefit from parents’ inter­est and pres­ence. And frankly, it’s fun to be involved! 

The WPO goal this year is to continue to build the Waverly commu­nity and provide chan­nels for parents to support each other while we navi­gate these ever-chang­ing phases of life. Please do not hesi­tate to reach out about any needs for your family or ideas on how to make school life better. Let’s do this together. 

Shoot me an email at wpopresident@​thewaverlyschool.​org. I look forward to meeting you soon!



WPO Exec­u­tive Commit­tee 2023 – 2024

Liz Craig, WPO Pres­i­dent
Carolyn O’Brien, WPO Vice Pres­i­dent
Lisa Wong-Lopez, WPO Trea­surer
Becca Gordon, Secre­tary

JJ Gold­beck and Jennifer Chavez, Waverly Dines Out Chairs
Ayesha Randall, Farm Helper Chair
Michelle Davey and Celeste Coller, Choice Lunch Chairs
Erin Green­berg, ES Library Chair

What is the Waverly Parent Orga­ni­za­tion (WPO)?

The WPO is composed of Waverly School parents working together to build The Waverly School commu­nity through volunteerism.

All Waverly parents/​guardians are auto­mat­i­cally members of the WPO. The WPO welcomes and encour­ages your partic­i­pa­tion in events through­out the year. 

How do I find out about volun­teer oppor­tu­ni­ties and events?

Monthly meet­ings are held at 5:30 p.m. on campus on the first Tuesday of the month (please check the school calen­dar, as some excep­tions occur during holi­days). Commit­tee meet­ings are announced via email, the Waverly Weekly News is sent to parents by email on Fridays, and WPO announce­ments are on the bulletin board at the front entrance of the elemen­tary school. WPO activ­i­ties are also avail­able on the WPO page. You are always welcome to reach out to me or other officers.

What will the WPO oppor­tu­ni­ties look like this year?

We have monthly WPO meet­ings to discuss what has happened and what is coming up! There are multi­ple ongoing volun­teer oppor­tu­ni­ties from serving lunches (Choicelunch – daily, and pizza – Wednes­day for MS/HS & Friday for ES), and elemen­tary school library support.

Indi­vid­ual WPO events include the Halloween Party, the Winter Event, Jog-A-Thon, the Waverly Spring Gath­er­ing, Rock Show, Teacher Appre­ci­a­tion Week, and more! 

We are ALWAYS looking for your hidden talents and ways to support our families.