Inspired experience based college preparatory education for creative and intellectually curious students
Early childhood through twelfth grade

Student Life


One of the primary academic goals at Waverly is that each student works to his or her highest potential. This is true in sports as well. Sports enrich student life and the school community. We believe that participation in sports can contribute significantly to the physical, social, and emotional well-being of our students. Athletes are encouraged to develop their skills and ability to work as a team. As a result, our coaches focus on maximizing the participation of all team members. Success is measured in terms of personal development and each team’s overall progress.

The high school athletic program allows students to compete in cross country, volleyball, and basketball in the International league, affiliated with the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF). Additionally, there are opportunities to participate in club sports like golf, tennis, and cheer.

Outdoor Education

Waverly’s outside-the-classroom experiences foster a deep understanding of the surrounding community and the natural world. From the neighborhoods of Los Angeles to the San Gabriel Mountains, and venturing beyond California into Costa Rica, we strive to provide mixed grade level learning experiences outside the walls of our classrooms through field trips and camping.

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Service Learning

Service to the greater community is one of the basic commitments upon which The Waverly School was founded. We use the term “Service Learning” rather than “Community Service” because we strive to embed our community service in our curriculum.

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At Waverly, Wellness is a positive approach to living that emphasizes the whole person, not just a healthy lifestyle. It is the integration of body and mind and the appreciation that everything we do, think, feel, and believe has an impact on our health.

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