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Thank you, Waverly

by Jennifer Dakan

I have trea­sured my role helping to build Waverly’s commu­nity for the past four­teen years and expe­ri­enced many proud and fulfill­ing moments working for, with, and among parents, students, and teach­ers. Waverly provided me with an authen­tic space to learn, listen, and grow as a parent, a colleague, and as the Direc­tor of Admis­sions. I have loved sharing Waverly’s evolv­ing mission and program both through images and direct expe­ri­ence. My true calling, however, and the work that makes me feel most ener­gized is teach­ing. Although I look forward to my return to the class­room in the fall, it is with many mixed feel­ings that I leave Waverly. This place, this commu­nity of students, parents, teach­ers, and admin­is­tra­tors, has provided me and my family with so much. As I round out my last weeks in the office of admis­sions, I am think­ing of all that I am thank­ful to Waverly for:

Thank you, Waverly, for your tradi­tions, your commu­nity, your voices raised in song. Thank you for your authen­tic­ity, your lack of fancy, your students, your teach­ers, your inspir­ing books, and your thematic, inte­grated curricu­lum. Thank you for the absence of letter grades. Thank you for carry­ing me and my chil­dren through our early lives together, for allow­ing each of them and me to flour­ish and grow. Thank you for your class trips, and travel to (among other places) Costa Rica, the Channel Islands, Joshua Tree, and the Colorado River. Thank you for your thought­ful narra­tives, and your flex­i­ble tuition. Thank you for your delight­ful preschool students passing by my office door. Thank you for your coaches and special­ists and giving me the joy of watch­ing my chil­dren be part of a team. Thank you for your farm, your student artwork, your holiday show. Thank you for your college coun­selor and your kind, person­able, and hard­work­ing admin team. Thank you for your gifts of song, and one of a kind high school grad­u­a­tion. Thank you for your hard­work­ing and gener­ous parents. Thank you for making a space for me and my family to form life­long friend­ships. Thank you for your profes­sional devel­op­ment and for expand­ing my under­stand­ing of true diver­sity, equity, and inclu­sion. Thank you, Waverly, for the best years of my life.