Admin Tracey

Resilient, resource­ful, kind

The faculty and staff were asked to share three words to describe Tracey Fiss, Waverly’s busi­ness and facil­i­ties manager, as a tribute to her fifteen years at Waverly.

Smiles through every­thing –Meg
Lovely to know! –Susan
Support­ive, detailed, kind –Alexis
A shep­herd, a lion, a savior –Bennel
Sharp, effi­cient, capable –Emily
Talented, helpful, dedi­cated! –Corey
Kind, helpful, amazing –Kathy
Invested, sincere, resource­ful –Cheenu
Resilient, thought­ful, miracle-worker –Marina
Commit­ted, support­ive, knowl­edge­able –Connie
Dedi­cated, dili­gent, tire­less –Adriana
Honest, orga­nized, effi­cient –Jack
Assid­u­ous, stead­fast, tender-hearted –Heidi
Resilient, resource­ful, the muscle! –Jeanny
Helpful, kind, bril­liant! –Victo­ria
Trea­sured friend, colleague –Barbara
Compas­sion­ate, loyal, mentor –Vella
Tremen­dously hard­work­ing, deeply caring, patient –Brit­tany
Helpful, knowl­edge­able, hard­work­ing –Megan
Approach­able, stead­fast, worldly –Sahaj
Hard­work­ing, multi-tasking, multi-talented –Carolyn
Kind­ness, genuine, master­mind –Alyssa
Inspir­ing, dedi­cated, super­woman –Sharon
Super­woman, profes­sional, warm-hearted –Maria
Miracle worker, friend, wise –Tina
Respon­sive, exem­plary, BEST –Toby
Reli­able, magical, swift –Amy
Smart, funny, fash­ion­ista! –Deborah
Fair, gener­ous, irre­place­able –Paul
Support­ive, friendly, trust­ing –Jim
Dedi­cated, happy, flex­i­ble –Andrés
Devoted, dedi­cated, the BEST –Molly
Kind, trusted, corner­stone –Leo
Kind, warm, deci­sive –Grace
All over it! –Sydney
Joyful, system­atic, miracle worker –Elaine
Nice, caring, hard­work­ing –Jack
Effi­cient, patient, orga­nized –Stina
Helpful, support­ive, omnipresent –Greg
Glowing. Unstop­pable. Commit­ted. –Lisa
Gener­ous, caring, indus­tri­ous –Rebecca
She knows all –Jen J.
Incred­i­bly hard­work­ing woman –Jen D.