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We wish to give a big thank you to the Waverly Parent Orga­ni­za­tion for connect­ing us during these many months at home! Thank you for your creativ­ity and energy! The commu­nity of students, teach­ers, and parents are what make Waverly the wonder­ful, warm, and unique school it is. In addi­tion to the Adult Social Hour Trivia at the begin­ning of the year and keeping most of our annual events (Book Fair, Winter Gift Faire, Jogathon, and Auction), the WPO contin­ued to create fun and to honor faculty and staff from afar by repur­pos­ing the Teacher Appre­ci­a­tion Lunch into a gift giving event. The WPO also contin­ued to give back to our commu­nity through the Waverly Dines Take” Out! monthly program. Read on to learn about some of the virtual events the WPO has made happen this year, and be sure to check the Waverly Weekly News and PSL for more to come!


Bust out the vintage cook­books, dust off Granny’s old recipes, and join us for a very ques­tion­able dinner party. I have ques­tions! What is a Ham Gala? What is a Franken­wich, and why do teens want to eat them? Those who have signed up will receive/​give a recipe from the past! Guests will prepare their recipe before the party. When the party starts, each guest will present what they made and we will play games like Guess what goes in Tiny Fish Balls?” and What DOES it taste like?” 


This dance fitness class is designed for every­body and every body! 


Join Michelle Yousse­fzadeh as she leads this adult only Master Class on perfect­ing pie crust. 

WPO MASTER CLASS: Under­stand­ing and Improv­ing WiFi In Your Home! (Adults)

Waverly parents Candy and Jimmy Tang of Woody’s Home, along with their head program­mer, Ivan, will answer your ques­tions about home WiFi and network set-ups. They will cover current chal­lenges on everyone’s network, Inter­net vs WiFi, DIY options to improve cover­age, and trouble-shoot­ing specific issues. 

WPO KID’S STORY­TIME: Spooky Stories! 

Grab your flash­lights and huddle up under your covers and join Biz for an hour of terri­fy­ing tales! She will be reading from the book In a Dark, Dark Room and Other Scary Stories. This is appro­pri­ate for kids and adults who like to be scared! 

WPO MASTER CLASS: The Art of The Tiki 

Join Stefan Lawrence for an intro­duc­tion to the world of Tiki, followed by the mixing of a deli­cious cock­tail (recipe to be provided in advance) and fun conver­sa­tion. Tiki attire optional, but welcome! Close the door, dim the lights, and tell the kids you’re taking a class.”

The WPO Kid’s Social Hour Presents Magic with Harris Fellman

WPO FAMILY EVENT: Waverly Elemen­tary Scavenger Hunt!

Oh, no! The Waverly mascots have escaped and only YOU can help! Luckily, we know where they went and if you find all of them (there are nine), then you can help your school and even win a prize for helping! 


Need a puzzle? Take a puzzle! There is now a bin on the porch of the high school offices. In it will be puzzles! You can drop off puzzles for others and grab a new one to do! We ask that you secure the puzzles with tape or a big rubber band. Gently used (with all the pieces) and new ones are welcome! You do not have to give a puzzle to take one.


Keep those pet pictures coming. Send us pictures of you and your pets, and we’ll post them on the WPO PSL page! Send to wpopresident@​thewaverlyschool.​org.


Each week we are issuing a chal­lenge of some kind for you to tackle over the weekend. Feel free to go back and do any of the chal­lenges. Send us photos of your completed project, and we’ll post on PSL


Each family will get a list of things to collect in advance. Put on your creative pants because items on the list might be A Family Song Sung Together, Some­thing From The 70s, or Some­thing You Have That You Shouldn’t. Every­one in the family can find some­thing! Then we will gather over Zoom to share our finds.