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Why Waverly?

by Bradley Zweig

Thir­teen years ago, my wife and I were trying to decide where to send our first child, who at the time was the grand old age of three. The search was not easy. Both my wife and I were prod­ucts of public school systems, and that was our pref­er­ence. Then we found The Waverly School. It seemed like an enrich­ing, acad­e­mic, well rounded place for a child to learn. But it was a private school” and that conjured up images in our heads that we didn’t think would vibe with our family. However, the school really did seem like a great place for a young child to learn, so, hesi­tantly, we gave it a try. My wife and I even made a pact with ourselves that we’d prob­a­bly only send our child to Waverly until 6th grade. In fact, we were honest with the school and told them we most certainly wouldn’t stay longer than that. 

And here we are. My oldest son just started his junior year of high school. Our younger son just started 8th grade. No school is perfect. But I will admit, my skep­ti­cism melted away as our chil­dren grew and thrived in the Waverly commu­nity. One of the most impor­tant things Waverly does is instill and encour­age a curios­ity for learn­ing. Through Waverly’s unique teach­ing style of progres­sive educa­tion, my boys looked forward to the adven­tures await­ing them at school each day. And here’s a fun fact…over the last 13 years that my kids have been at Waverly, I can recall only one time one of them did not want to go to school. The reason? My younger son was in first grade and forgot his beloved back­pack at home. Devas­tated, he broke out in tears and refused to walk into school. And there was his teacher, Maria Brown, waiting with a hug. My son decided all was well in the world and skipped into class with her. And I got to work on time. Double bonus. 

That anec­dote is obvi­ously not a reason to send a kid to Waverly, but it does lead to a big reason we have stayed at Waverly for so long. The teach­ers. My kids have had the chance to expe­ri­ence some incred­i­bly dynamic, thought­ful, engag­ing, FUN teach­ers who have also served as wonder­ful role models. The teach­ers really are amazing. Their enthu­si­asm and approach to acad­e­mics allowed my boys to engage in the mate­r­ial and enabled them to decide on their own to explore and inves­ti­gate further. I like that Waverly focuses less on grades, and more on the excite­ment and curios­ity of learn­ing. That curios­ity will stay with them for the rest of their lives, and that is invaluable. 

So, there you have it. That’s why we have stayed at The Waverly School for over 13 years, and why I will never leave the house without making sure my son has his back­pack. Although now I am the one getting upset when I forget my back­pack, or car keys, or reading glasses. 

Bradley Zweig
Parent of Nolan and Murray