Moeck family 03

Six More Years

by Pam M.

After six years at Waverly, Hayden 20 moves on to Occi­den­tal College. In the fall, his younger brother will join Waverly’s middle school. 

Dearest faculty,

I am over­whelmed after watch­ing the beau­ti­ful and heart­felt grad­u­a­tion tonight. When Waverly was first suggested to us over six years ago, I remem­ber feeling scared. How would our then 6th grader fit in to a new school? How would our family be received by the commu­nity? It can be hard moving to a new school envi­ron­ment. I remem­ber stand­ing in the middle school big room on day one of 7th grade, next to my very anxious child, and not wanting to leave him. What would his day be like without anyone he knew? We laugh about this now. 

Attend­ing Waverly was one of the best deci­sions we have ever made. During his middle and high school years at Waverly, Hayden blos­somed. He found his group. He made best life-long friends in teach­ers, admin, and peers. What a gift! Not many people can say their child grad­u­ated high school unscathed, happy, and hopeful for what lies ahead. Thank you for always making Hayden’s journey safe and full of love and compas­sion. We are excited and happy that grad­u­a­tion was not actu­ally a goodbye for our family and can’t wait to start the next six years with Hayden’s brother, Wyatt. Thank you all so much!

You exem­plify how schools should mold and shape chil­dren into adults, from students into schol­ars, and indi­vid­u­als into a community. 

With much love,

Pam M.
Parent to Hayden 20 and Wyatt 26