Joe and Katie family blog

A New Appreciation

by Steve

During these months of lock­down and social distanc­ing, I’ve gained a new appre­ci­a­tion for The Waverly School, its admin­is­tra­tors, teach­ers, and students. Certainly, what I’ve over­heard of Katie and Joe’s Zoom classes — and the way current events have worked them­selves into discus­sions in, say, envi­ron­men­tal science, history, English, etc. — has been impres­sive and reveal­ing, both for the quality of the teach­ing and the artic­u­late­ness of the students. But I’ve also been struck by how dedi­cated their teach­ers are: how much you really CARE about your students is palpa­ble, some­thing one can hear and feel. You have done a great job under diffi­cult circum­stances. So have the students, for that matter. And I think it’s all part of the atti­tude, the appre­ci­a­tion for learn­ing and respect for others, that’s been a big part of their Waverly expe­ri­ence. I’m more thank­ful than ever that our kids have spent the last 13 years there. The grad­u­a­tion cere­mony was a deeply moving expe­ri­ence. Thank you for all the time and thought and heart­felt effort you put into those speeches. I look forward to a time in the (hope­fully near) future when we can all gather together again and I can thank you in person. 

Parent to Joe 20 and Katie 20