Kelly with family blog

A Love Letter to Waverly

by Kelly D.

Trust­ing anyone to care for our chil­dren and sending them out the door to an unknown envi­ron­ment is a leap of faith. The amount of thought, research, anxiety and hope that we spent to land at Waverly was more than any other deci­sion we’ve made in our lives. It was not an easy deci­sion then, and it is not an easy decision now.

Having had my kids at home for the last 77 days has filled me with so much emotion. At the center of that has been a sense of loss for all of these pieces of my chil­dren that I have missed out on over the last eight years. Waverly has been the holding place for all of those pieces. I am trying to soak up every learn­ing moment, strug­gle, feeling of joy, tear, sigh, deep breath, laugh, melt­down, and accom­plish­ment they are making during this time because I usually miss all of this. I honestly have consid­ered not sending them back because, self­ishly, I want all of these pieces to myself.

I real­ized some­thing, though. For as many pieces of them­selves that they have left at Waverly, they have added just as many. My kids are amazing people, whom I love spend­ing time with, having conver­sa­tions with, and learn­ing from. So much of who they have become has come from Waverly. When I put my faith in Waverly, I put my faith in them finding a place where they would be taught how to walk through the world with integrity, honesty, empathy, and compas­sion. I wanted a school that would teach them the truth about the world. I wanted a place that would meet them where they were at and show them where they could go.

I would be lying if I said every­thing has worked for us. We have had some ups and downs at Waverly. Some amazing years and some tough years. Through it all, I have been clear that there will never be a perfect place that gets it right 100% of the time. It would be impos­si­ble to meet the needs of every single family in every single situ­a­tion all of the time. I do believe that they always do their best. I do know that my kids have had more connec­tion, support, and curricu­lum than any other kids I know during this crazy experience.

This week, we had to decide as a family what we want to do next year. The universe put in front of me what I needed to see. Heidi’s talk showed me that even though she can’t give us concrete answers that we so desire, she is speak­ing from her heart, and I believe they will give every­thing they have to do right by us. Hearing Leo teach middle school­ers with such passion and thought­ful­ness about race, priv­i­lege, unrest, and move­ment is what I dreamed educa­tion could look like. My son telling me this was the first year he ever liked school because Molly lets kids be kids, and when you feel safe being a kid, it is fun to learn. We have decided again to put our faith in Waverly. We love this commu­nity and we look forward to the day we can see you again face to face.

Thank you, Waverly.