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Alumni News

Life at Pitzer College just got a lot more adven­tur­ous for Shelby Ottengheime 18. She’s been taking a wide range of classes to help her decide on declar­ing a major. From a biolog­i­cal anthro­pol­ogy course where she’s had a chance to handle 1.8 million year old hand tools, to an unruly women’s liter­a­ture course where she was able to discuss the impact that strong female role models have had on our society, and a philos­o­phy course called Happi­ness and the Good Life where she was able to put to use her knowl­edge honed from Waverly high school teacher, Dan Bowen, she’s had an inter­est­ing first year. This semes­ter she was busy shaping a surf­board in her Surf­board as Art and Culture” class, when one of her profes­sors asked her if she’d be inter­ested in a Global Local Mentor­ship Program run by their IGLAS (Insti­tute for Global Local Action & Study) depart­ment for the Clare­mont College Consor­tium. Every year IGLAS chooses a group of six students across the entire college to travel abroad for a cultural study program. Each year the desti­na­tion changes. Three of Shelby’s profes­sors recom­mended her for the program and as a result, Shelby will be trav­el­ing to Vietnam this summer on a ten-day cultural study program. They will travel from Ho Chi Minh City to Hue (where they’ll meet up with Pitzer’s current study-abroad students) and then end their trip in Hanoi. Chuyến đi vui vẻ (bon voyage), Shelby!