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Unsung Heroes, Part One

Waverly’s summer break may feel long to students and parents, yet every day of it is very busy for those who remain. Tracey Fiss, Waverly’s Busi­ness and Facil­i­ties Manager since 2006, expe­ri­ences long days during the summer over­see­ing an exten­sive list of reno­va­tion to the school. For Tracey and her crew, Carlos Aldaco and John Hernan­dez (with others, includ­ing some Waverly students pictured here!), summer is a short time for all the improve­ments and changes needed for each campus. The day after school ended Carlos broke ground on the elemen­tary play space, working exten­sively during many hotter than normal summer days with his hand-picked crew to complete the play­ground redesign. The middle and high school were also included in the lengthy list of projects. The work included:

  • 140 yards of soil was removed to level off the play­ground twelve inches.
  • A new bike path was created around the perime­ter of the wood chip area (which is all new and twelve inches deep!).
  • A new sand box was created that is deeper and twice the size of the previ­ous one and thought­fully constructed to include the tree for natural shade.
  • The swings, dome, and tube were removed and repositioned.
  • New asphalt was poured and new lines were painted.
  • About 16 new bicy­cles and scoot­ers were purchased.
  • Every down-stair class­room was remod­eled, includ­ing new paint, new cubbies, new bulletin boards, new carpet in some rooms, and new cabi­netry all hand crafted by our resi­dent carpen­ter Carlos’ dad, Señor Aldaco!
  • John stripped and waxed all the floors (up to seven layers of shine on our very worn floors) and sham­pooed all the rugs.
  • We had our five-year fire sprin­kler and fire alarm tests, which included servic­ing over 50 fire extinguishers.
  • The middle school big room had a massive upgrade that included sand blast­ing, patch­ing, sealing and rece­ment­ing the floors. The walls and cabi­netry were all freshly painted. The air condi­tion­ing unit was refaced to look more attrac­tive and industrial chic!
  • We also purchased a shade struc­ture for the middle school outdoor area.
  • In the high school student lounge, Carlos made more creative use of the space by build­ing bench style seating with new cushions!
  • New microwaves and a larger fridge (all in the same color!) were purchased for this space.
  • And, all the air condi­tion­ers were serviced!

And the work continues:

  • Research and plans for an elemen­tary tree­house struc­ture are in place and we await the padding for our new climb­ing wall, which will arrive this month.
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