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Carlos Aldaco’s face may not be one that is famil­iar to you. While his work at Waverly is not with the chil­dren, it is invalu­able to the daily life at school. Carlos is a crafts­man. He works on all the facil­i­ties at Waverly as a tech­ni­cian, painter, plumber, elec­tri­cian, carpen­ter, and space problem solver. He works closely with Tracey, our Facil­i­ties Manager, fixing anything that needs fixing. Over the summer, working fifty plus hours a week, Carlos improved so many of the spaces at Waverly. He remod­eled the elemen­tary staff lounge and kitchen. He added square footage to the art studio at the elemen­tary school. He created walls and installed storage space to various class­rooms. He installed floors, sinks, and new light­ing. Recently, as I passed Carlos outside paint­ing the new shelves for the elemen­tary library, I asked him what type of work he enjoys doing best. He answered with a smile on his face, I like all of it.” Of his work Tracey says, Carlos is a perfec­tion­ist. He doesn’t need or want anything other than a job well done. He meets all dead­lines, even if they are unrea­son­able.” After a full summer without any days off, Carlos will be enjoy­ing this week off. He’s only been on vaca­tion for a few hours and we already need him back.

Jennifer Dakan
Admis­sions Director

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