A New Waverly Family: The First Days

The first week of school at Waverly our eyes were wide open, and we could feel our hearts pounding a

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s we stood taking every­thing in: chil­dren laugh­ing, digging, climb­ing, drawing, hugging the legs of parents, and waiting for the sweet school bell to be rung by an eager child. How lovely the sound of this bell in contrast to the loud auto­mated one we were used to. Every­thing felt new and different.

My daugh­ter Cora is new to Waverly this year. She is a fourth grader in Molly and Kerry’s class. My husband Mac and I made the deci­sion to tour Waverly last year, when we concluded that Cora’s K‑3rd grade acad­e­mic expe­ri­ence at one of the top school districts in Cali­for­nia, was not playing to her creative strengths, but rather creat­ing daily stress. We had heard about Waverly through friends with chil­dren who attend the school, and we were eager to learn more. After touring and visit­ing several times, we felt in our hearts that this was a school where Cora would soar. We knew it would not be easy to move schools at age 9, but it would more than likely be worth it.

Within one week of attend­ing Waverly this fall, our family and friends noticed and commented on a brighter, lighter Cora. She hops into the car at the end of the day with energy in her eyes, stories of what she created and learned, and a relaxed dispo­si­tion. We expe­ri­ence quality family time after school, and she is engaged in her home­work rather than in tears from the over­whelm­ing amount of it. Every­thing is new and differ­ent and better.

Cora’s heart still beats quickly as we walk into the school yard each morning. But every day, she is greeted with warm smiles, bear hugs, and friendly hands taking hers – to bring her in – into the nurtur­ing, creative, and inspir­ing arms of Waverly.

— Michelle
Mom of Cora, 4th Grade