Heidi’s First Day of School

Heidi First Day Of School 20123

The morning of the first day of school is always filled with animated conver­sa­tion as students connect with one another and their teach­ers through sharing; this year was no excep­tion. As I walked through the play­ground and visited class­rooms yester­day, I listened to students from young kinder­garten through twelfth grade share about summer travel, past school expe­ri­ences, books read, pet stories, first jobs, and favorites of all sorts, from holi­days to rooms in the house. By the after­noon of the first day of school, conver­sa­tions shift to the present and the task of learn­ing now at hand; it happened yester­day as it always does. Having connected through the telling of their sepa­rate stories, the students began the work of creat­ing the school year, nine months that they will share.