George Cele­brates Waverly

During our Sixth Grade Cele­bra­tion last week, George, who came to Waverly in the middle of the year, spoke emotion­ally and eloquently about his tran­si­tion from public school and what Waverly has come to mean to him. Please enjoy his heartfelt words!


I first arrived at Waverly Elemen­tary School 7 months ago, fresh from [a] public school I had attended for the first half of the school year. I hadn’t fit in very well there, so I was eager to come here, espe­cially since I’d made friends during my shadow day.

I was already expect­ing Waverly to be great, and within the first few days after I’d arrived, I knew I’d made the right choice coming here. The curricu­lum was much more chal­leng­ing and fun than I was expect­ing, but the best part is I have many, many friends.

As soon as I arrived, I was instantly taken in, shown around, and intro­duced to every­body in the school. Now, I can’t go anywhere in Pasadena without running into someone I know from Waverly.

I real­ized how lucky I was during our camping trip to El Capitan. We’d been told by the teach­ers we were in big trouble with the camp­ground offi­cials for leaving trash on the ground. We were walking to where we were supposed to have a talk with the camp manager, and it turned out that it was actu­ally a surprise birth­day party for one of the students. Nothing like that had ever happened at my old school, and I real­ized just how special a place this was. It was the nicest feeling in the world.

Thanks are due to several people here had the biggest hand in making this such a nice place to be. Those people are my teach­ers, so I’d like to thank them. Erin, Cheri, Kerry, I don’t think I’ve ever accu­mu­lated as much knowl­edge as I have this year since I learned to talk.

I also want to thank my other teach­ers, Ken, Adriana, Josie, Michael, Eddie, and Billy for teach­ing me to make mari­onettes, present projects in Spanish, play Ulti­mate Frisbee, and learn new songs of every kind. I’ll remem­ber you all my life.

One of the secrets to Waverly is that every teacher knows every kid’s name, they’re always friendly, and they’re always helpful. I wish I could have been taught by all of you, but sadly that’s not possible.

However, grad­u­a­tion isn’t just about looking back, but looking forward to be ready for what lies ahead. And judging from how much I’ve learned and how fun it’s been here, I know that I am ready for middle school and that it will likely be just as fantas­tic as this year has been.

The only reason I’m ready is that this school has prepared me. I am more grate­ful for that than you could possi­bly imagine. Thank you, Waverly, for the best school year I’ve ever had.