Christy Loves The Waverly World Market

Last Decem­ber I said good-bye. I wrote my teary thank you letter in the WAVE to my co-chair and the Waverly commu­nity for the wonder­ful 7 years I worked on the World Market. I really did mean it. It was time to pass the torch, let someone else know the joy and creativ­ity that is the World Market. An event that repre­sented more than just a school fundraiser to me, it is a commu­nity gath­er­ing that is so very Waverly. I was moving on to the Waverly middle school. I felt I needed to take a step back from the elemen­tary school and grad­u­ate” with my son.

I was so sure of my convic­tion that I actu­ally didn’t do any craft­ing for about six months. Now, anybody who knows me knows that that is just crazy talk. I love to craft, I live to craft. But it was all fine. I packed away all my World Market projects and supplies nice and neat in the garage.

Then summer came. I ran into Saman­tha while drop­ping off our kids at summer camp. Saman­tha was my co-chair last year and is co-chair­ing this year. We started talking and she asked, You are going to make some things for the World Market, aren’t you?” Well sure, I guess I could do that..

Wm Boxes


Almost five months later and I have made stuffed animals, felted wreaths, made magnetic chalk­boards, mini cupcake stands, made jour­nals out of cereal boxes and… my heart is singing! What was I think­ing? I could no easier give up the World Market than give up coffee (and I really love coffee). And why should I!

I LOVE the World Market. I love every­thing about the World Market. I have loved it since I first got involved with it when my son started Kinder­garten. I love getting together with a group of people and pooling our creative ideas about craft­ing and market­ing and then actu­ally produc­ing items. I love our weekly meet­ings where the two co-chairs catch me up on the goings on at the elemen­tary school and I give them a glimpse of what’s coming up in the middle school. I love seeing the whole Waverly commu­nity rallies together and donates items that they or their family have made. I love seeing all the creativ­ity that goes into the class­room projects and the pride the chil­dren take in creat­ing and selling goods for their commu­nity. There is some­thing so special about peeking into the creative lives of others.

I LOVE the World Market. I love set-up day when we trans­form the commu­nity room into a market­place. The love the laugh­ter and cama­raderie that fills the room as we set up walls, put tables in place, and unpack and place all the goodies for the shop­pers the next day.

I LOVE the World Market. I love opening the doors at 7:45 on Friday morning and seeing the first group of parents walk into the room. It fills me with such pride. We have created a store, for us, by us, the Waverly Commu­nity. I love the kids’ squeals as they bound into the room, ready to make the impor­tant shop­ping deci­sions on what to buy for whom, and is it in their budget. I’ve watched kids sit on the floor with their shop­pers’ helpers and go through each item in their bag, making sure they haven’t left anyone out and of course making sure there is some­thing in their bag for them!

I LOVE the World Market. And I guess as long as I’m at Waverly, I’ll be involved. Involved to advise, to listen to complaints or frus­tra­tions, bounce new ideas off of, to create, to set up and to break down. Just like Waverly is my blood, so is the World Market!

If you haven’t been to the World Market, COME. It isn’t just for your chil­dren. If you can, come early on Friday morning when it is pris­tine and untouched by little fingers. I think you will be as proud of your Waverly commu­nity as we are. Or come on Satur­day, pick up yThe our child’s bag and leisurely shop. Its takes an entire village to create the World Market. You helped.

COME. And see for yourself.

Christy Dooley
Parent of a 7th Grader 

The Waverly World Market runs Friday, Decem­ber 9 (7:45 am – 6:00 pm) and Satur­day, Decem­ber 10 (10:00 am – 2:00 pm) in the Elemen­tary School Community Room.