Happy New Year!

Heidi First Blog

January 1st has never meant much to me. I usually spend the night before at home, I go to bed before midnight, and I rarely make reso­lu­tions. I’ve spent my life in schools – nine­teen years as a student, twelve as a teacher, and thir­teen as a head of school. I know that the real first day of the new year is the first day of school. 

How can noise­mak­ers and party hats compare to new pencils and lunch­boxes, books waiting to be opened, fresh boxes of crayons and dry erase markers? What better party than chil­dren gath­ered together in the school yard sharing stories of summer? And I’ll take squeaky new sneak­ers over a fancy dress every time. 

Reso­lu­tions? At the start of the new school year, teach­ers are over­flow­ing with plans and kinder­gart­ners, sixth graders, and seniors are filled with hopes. We all know that New Year Reso­lu­tions are noto­ri­ously hard to keep but the start of school is followed by ten months specif­i­cally designed to foster discov­ery and growth. 

I go to sleep easily on Decem­ber 31 but on the night before school starts, I lie awake, eagerly antic­i­pat­ing the new pencils and books, the children’s smiles, the energy of the teach­ers, the relief of the parents, and the begin­ning of some­thing truly new.

Happy First Day of School! Happy New Year!