Welcome from the Admissions Director


Before coming to Waverly, I worked as a middle and high school teacher in both the public and private sector for over ten years. Being an educa­tor first and fore­most has helped to inform the way I think about and share Waverly with prospec­tive fami­lies. I am often asked what kind of student does well at Waverly. Waverly attracts students and fami­lies who value:

  • Intel­lec­tual curiosity
  • Being part of a commu­nity where they are known to everyone
  • Being some­where where their pres­ence makes a difference
  • Becom­ing the best version of themselves
  • Trying some­thing new, start­ing a club, trying a sport, or helping orga­nize a community event
  • Growing as an indi­vid­ual, as well as an intellectual
  • Being part of a thought­ful, evolv­ing, and eclectic community

Whether you are looking at preschool, elemen­tary, middle, or high school, finding the right educa­tional commu­nity can be an over­whelm­ing process. My goal is to assist you in getting to know Waverly and working with you to deter­mine if Waverly is the right fit for your family.

I look forward to connect­ing with you!

Jennifer Dakan
Direc­tor of Admis­sions

Jen Dakan closeup