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Life at Pitzer College just got a lot more adventurous for Shelby Ottengheime (Waverly ’18).  She’s been taking a wide range of classes to help her decide on declaring a major.  From a biological anthropology course where she’s had a chance to handle 1.8 million year old hand tools, to an unruly women’s literature course where she was able to discuss the impact that strong female role models have had on our society, and a philosophy course called Happiness and the Good Life where she was able to put to use her knowledge honed from Waverly high school teacher, Dan Bowen, she’s had an interesting first year. This semester she was busy shaping a surfboard in her “Surfboard as Art and Culture” class, when one of her professors asked her if she’d be interested in a Global Local Mentorship Program run by their IGLAS (Institute for Global Local Action & Study) department for the Claremont College Consortium.  Every year IGLAS chooses a group of six students across the entire college to travel abroad for a cultural study program.  Each year the destination changes.  Three of Shelby’s professors recommended her for the program and as a result, Shelby will be traveling to Vietnam this summer on a ten-day cultural study program.  They will travel from Ho Chi Minh City to Hue (where they’ll meet up with Pitzer’s current study-abroad students) and then end their trip in Hanoi.   Chuyến đi vui vẻ (bon voyage), Shelby!

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