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New Year Rituals

My new year always begins in September. I find I am more likely to set personal and professional goals at this time each year.  I enjoy rituals and find the school year is a good time to establish them. At the end of August, I make plans for healthier, more eco-friendly lunches, and announce to my kids that the car rides to and from school will be device-free. My high school aged children are still subject to the first day of school photo.  When they were little we practiced their spelling words on the way to school in the morning. Now we listen to (mostly hip hop) music, talk about the week, and share insights gleaned from teachers and friends. While back to school shopping is common, I prefer to dig through our school supplies from the previous year and repurpose notebooks, binders, paper, and pens and try to avoid a Target run. One friend I know takes his children out to the same restaurant for breakfast every Wednesday morning. I look forward to Instagram posts of his children rolling their eyes over eggs and French toast.  We have a staff member who enjoys donut day with his children on Thursday mornings. Some parents write their children a letter the night before each school year begins. Heidi observed a parent and child in the preschool engaged in a sweet goodbye ritual – a kiss, a hug, a high five and an “adios!” It is not too late. We are only one week into the school year. What is your new ritual?

Written by Jennifer Dakan
Admissions Director


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