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Early childhood through twelfth grade

Wellness Education & Resources

At Waverly, wellness is a positive approach to living that emphasizes the whole person, not just a healthy lifestyle. It is the integration of body and mind and the appreciation that everything we do, think, feel, and believe has an impact on our health.

Waverly’s Wellness program manifests itself within each division of the school in a way that is developmentally appropriate for the age and stage of an elementary, middle, or high school student. A significant portion of our fifth through twelfth grade curriculum is committed to fostering the holistic well being of our students. Focus on the students’ physical, emotional, intellectual and social development is the priority.

As an introduction to high school, Freshmen Wellness is one semester long, focusing on basic health issues related to teen life. Some classes are segregated by gender, and guest speakers frequent the class.

The tenth and eleventh grade students incorporate their service learning directly into their Wellness curriculum. The tenth grade Community Awareness class introduces students to service participation at the high school level. Students learn about community needs and opportunities through a variety of speakers and other experiences. Students are exposed to local service venues such as the AIDS Service Center, Union Station, and Mother’s Club. During this semester, students complete 10 hours of service outside of class time towards their graduation requirement.

The eleventh grade This I Believe class is intended to develop mindfulness, self-awareness, and leadership skills. This course supports students in bringing their service experience to the next level, from participation to leadership. Students in this class fulfill a 15-hour Service Project while acquiring leadership skills by demonstrating service to others in need and inspiring their peers to do the same.

Students develop a deeper understanding of what it means to reach out through their individual strengths, talents, and personal interests. Public speaking, delegation, decision making, and organization will be practiced. During the course, students will explore and hone their individual identities in preparation for and implementation of their project. Ultimately, students will compose a This I Believe essay and read it aloud for their peers. A significant portion of the second semester is also spent in personalized counseling with the College Counselor.

The twelfth grade Senior Transitions class continues the college search and begins the transition from high school to college. The first semester focuses on the application process. In the second semester, students read and discuss The Naked Roommate, and seniors also work on an independent senior project on a topic that is new to the student, but ties into the experience gained from their 15-hour Service Leadership Project as juniors. In the week following the AP exams in May, seniors will take their final exams and then have approximately two weeks to complete their Senior Projects, presenting them to the Waverly community in June.

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