Inspired experience based college preparatory education for creative and intellectually curious students
Early childhood through twelfth grade

Welcome from the Head of School

Welcome to the website of Waverly School!

The 2017-2018 school year marked my twentieth year as Head of School. In celebration of my twentieth anniversary, here are twenty reasons why I’m grateful to work at Waverly.


  • Our students primarily learn from experience and conversation rather than screens and lectures.
  • Whenever I ask a teacher about a student, the teacher responds with tremendous knowledge, understanding, and affection.
  • At All School Meetings, elementary children share what they are learning, from scientific discoveries to new forms of poetry, math challenges to the cultures of the ancient world.
  • Visitors to the school are often struck by the happiness of our students and comment that they wish they had gone to a school like Waverly.
  • Students spontaneously thank their teachers as they depart from classes.
  • At our annual jog-a-thon and carnival, the prizes are all “recycled” toys.
  • The high school campus is an intimate neighborhood of beautiful, old homes.
  • Children of all ages frequently stop me in the hall or on the quad to ask a question or share a story.
  • The farm.
  • I am surrounded by people who are kind, genuine, interesting, creative, and deeply committed to their work.
  • Each of the younger classrooms is paired with an older classroom; these “buddy” classes get together for joint projects, reading, and play each week.
  • Juniors compose and present This I Believe statements each year; titles from last year include “I Believe My Hair has Shaped Me as much as I’ve Shaped My Hair” and “I Believe in Immanuel Kant.”
  • The holiday show.
  • Elementary children dance while high school students perform at the Annual Rock Festival.
  • A senior recently told an audience of middle school students that her favorite thing about the high school is that it is “an easy place to love and be loved, which is usually hard when you are 15 to 17.”
  • Students of all ages produce works of art that are compelling and beautiful, and dance, sing, play instruments, and act boldly and joyfully.
  • Alumni frequently visit the school; currently six of them are volunteering, coaching or teaching at the school.
  • In one week in October, the elementary school community room is a beautiful bookstore followed by an amazingly creative haunted house. A month later, it is marketplace filled with hand-crafted gifts for the holidays.
  • High school teachers offer intellectually engaging courses, such as Neuroscience, Postmodern Literature, and Human Nature, in response to student interest.
  • Students have their own understanding of the “Waverly Way;” they are often very funny when discussing it and always defend it vigorously when they think it is under attack.

I invite you to visit Waverly and discover your own twenty reasons to join our school!

Heidi Johnson