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Early childhood through twelfth grade

Everyday Photos

Black & White PhotoAfter discovering impressionist painters when I was fourteen, I decided to become an artist. It didn’t take me long to realize, however, that I lacked any ability to create with my hand what I pictured in my mind. Soon after seeing an exhibit of photographs of the Farm Security Administration (FSA), my mother gave me my first camera.

As a teenager, I became interested in the snapshot as art. Photographs of my family as a girl, and then as a mother, were the focus of my camera. I spent five years at home with my three children, observing their growth through the eye of my lens. There were many days that I struggled to find value in just hanging around with my kids and observing their world.

My three boys are no longer little. Leo is off to college in the fall, Sam, to high school and Charlie is transitioning to middle school. I was fortunate to be able to follow them to Waverly, and to continue to document their lives and the lives of other children at Waverly. As they age, and the parenting climate of more, faster, sooner, accelerates, my photographs remind me of the creativity in their everyday learning. I invite you to be reminded of all that is extraordinary in the lives of our children at Waverly. Take a moment.

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