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Advice From The Class of 2016


Who is better equipped to give advice to 9th graders about high school than seniors? Enjoy these 23 tips for the appreciating and finding more success in high school from Waverly’s senior class.

  1. You may feel awkward or self-conscious about yourself. You may feel that you don’t fit in or have any friends. When I was a freshman, I felt quite similar. However, in time, I found a group of people I could relate to and who I cared about, and who cared about me. I found my little nook and so will you.
  2. Popularity means nothing.
  3. Don’t be afraid to come up to people and introduce yourself.
  4. For #$#%^* sake, buy a graphing calculator. That thing will become your best friend in the coming years.
  5. Remember you can take time for yourself, even with a hectic life, if you manage your time properly.
  6. Your friends freshman year may not be your friends in senior year.
  7. Don’t join clubs just to put them on your college resume, join them because you’re interested in them.
  8. Give your opinion on school issues, have a voice, don’t be afraid.
  9. Do something really important.
  10. Be more social. Take more risks.
  11. Pay more attention even if the teacher has a hypnotic voice.
  12. Don’t change for someone else. You are perfect the way you are.
  13. Be yourself.
  14. Love your teachers and classes. Waverly is a low stress environment and learning is what will get you through high school effortlessly.
  15. Don’t do drugs.
  16. Waverly is nice, talk to people.
  17. Fill your time with anything that pushes you to do something now; you’ll only be this free for a few more years.
  18. I think the most important thing to do in high school is not to take everything so seriously and not to worry too much.
  19. Stay organized! This means your school books, locker, room, and eventually your car. If your surroundings are organized it will be easier to keep your thoughts organized as well.
  20. Learn to trust yourself. Worry less about what’s coming next but instead live in the moment, because while you’re busy complaining, your high school years are going to fly by way faster than you think.
  21. Take advantage of every opportunity you can get your hands on.
  22. The teachers here will understand if you talk to them.
  23. Don’t leave bags out in the rain. They do get wet, even if put in a dry spot.

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