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Then & Now

If you are like me, thousands of photographs live on your computer.  The intention is to print them, create albums, or to in some way share and enjoy them with others. Every time I open my laptop, I see the ticking of the proverbial clock. As my children get older, time moves faster.

The first day of school has come and gone. With the hot days of summer lingering, it is hard to imagine “winter break,” but before we know it December will be here. Last week I had my three boys pose for a photo on the first day of school. This year I have one child in the oldest grade on each campus; Charlie is in sixth, Sam in eighth and Leo is a twelfth grader. Scrolling through the photos on my computer, I came across the picture I took seven years ago on the first day of school.  This was the first of what would become hundreds of days that all three boys would be together at Waverly.  I took the last photo of the boys together on the first day of school last week, and it was sad for me. It has been a gift to have my children together in one place, sharing teachers, songs, and Waverly rituals year after year. I wish I could get back those days that I rushed. I wish I could have back the worry that stole time. We have one last year at Waverly together and I plan to leave these photos on my desk-top to remind me every day to slow down and enjoy this moment that will be over all too soon.

In the spirit of slowing down and taking time to appreciate school moments, please check back here each week or so to see an image we found particularly Waverly-esque. Let’s hashtag it #waverlymoments.

Jennifer Dakan
Director of Admissions
FirstDayofSchool2008 FirstDayofSchool2015

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