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Carlos Aldaco’s face may not be one that is familiar to you. While his work at Waverly is not with the children, it is invaluable to the daily life at school. Carlos is a craftsman. He works on all the facilities at Waverly as a technician, painter, plumber, electrician, carpenter, and space problem solver. He works closely with Tracey, our Facilities Manager, fixing anything that needs fixing. Over the summer, working fifty plus hours a week, Carlos improved so many of the spaces at Waverly. He remodeled the elementary staff lounge and kitchen. He added square footage to the art studio at the elementary school. He created walls and installed storage space to various classrooms. He installed floors, sinks, and new lighting. Recently, as I passed Carlos outside painting the new shelves for the elementary library, I asked him what type of work he enjoys doing best. He answered with a smile on his face, “I like all of it.” Of his work Tracey says, “Carlos is a perfectionist. He doesn’t need or want anything other than a job well done. He meets all deadlines, even if they are unreasonable.” After a full summer without any days off, Carlos will be enjoying this week off. He’s only been on vacation for a few hours and we already need him back.

Jennifer Dakan
Admissions Director


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Terri September 15, 2015 at 10:04 pm

Thanks for sharing. The days do pass by quickly. I am so glad to have shared some of my Waverly days with you and your boys.

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