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Building Relationships & Community

Waverly Students in Wagon

My office is located at the elementary school just two steps from the bathrooms. Believe it or not, proximity to these facilities helps me to do my job. I am privy to all sorts of conversations between students, between students and parents, and between students and teachers (as I write this I see and hear a teacher asking a child in the hall, “do you need time to resolve this?”).. The main thing revealed by these conversations is that relationships are really important at Waverly.

Building relationships can be challenging and requires time. It is something Waverly is committed to and we make time for every day. This is time spent in classrooms, on the playground, in clubs and community events, and in places in-between.

As Waverly’s Admissions Director, I am privileged to have the opportunity to help to build our community. So many delightful and interesting students and their families apply to Waverly each year. We have just completed another season of this long and somewhat involved process. This process has required input and help from many people including students, parents, teachers, administrators, and staff, and it is worth every minute of the time involved. As one prospective parent shared in a recent email to me:

“We love and respect your community and teachers. We have been EVERYWHERE and what you are doing at Waverly is very special and a gift to children, their families and the world that awaits.”

I suppose I am biased, because I couldn’t agree with this parent more. The work we do to build relationships and community, and to help each person become his/her best self, is not measurable but most visitors sense it within minutes of arriving. I am glad to have helped create this community, and on behalf of all of Waverly, offer the sincerest welcome to those who are new.

Jennifer Dakan
Director of Admissions

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