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Waverly Parents on Waverly: Part One of an Occasional Series

The Waverly School arrived in my life like some sort of granted wish.  It’s as if I willed it and its staff into existence from my most pie-in-the-sky hopes for my children’s education.

Once we had children, I started panicking about the state of public education, and started daydreaming about some impossible alternative.  What I saw blurrily floating before me was:

  1. A modest, energetic place – not too big or small – where children run through the door in the morning shrieking gleefully and run out the door in the afternoon even happier.
  2. A place where children with unusual personalities or gifts are treated like a delicious bit of variety and are respected for their eccentricity rather than punished for it.
  3. A place where the unextraordinary student is welcomed and loved and fully embraced just as the flashy ones are.
  4. A place with a sense of humor – mostly about itself.
  5. A place where theories of learning and ideologies of pedagogy are only in direct service to the peculiarities of each student standing before them.
  6. A place where the parents like each other and socialize together.
  7. A place where kids feel like kids, not some improbable farm-team Olympians for the universities and their admissions offices.
  8. A place where I feel relaxed.
  9. Where I’m not my child’s only advocate.
  10. Where the kids look after the younger ones.
  11. Where the parents not only participate but enjoy it.
  12. Where my kids smile a lot.

Waverly has it all.  I feel like I’m living in cloud-cuckoo land and any minute someone will wake me up and tell me my kids are throwing bottles at passing cars over the fence during recess, and they haven’t been to class in two months.

Thank you, Waverly, for actually existing outside my head.

–Michael Higgins
Kindergarten and 2nd Grade Parent

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